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When you can't afford your prescriptions, both you and your pharmacy lose. Our discount network of pharmacies offer you discounts that enable you to get your prescriptions filled and also get you into their store to make other purchases - Everybody wins with the Rx For Liberty Card!

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Get Liberated from high prescription prices with the FREE Rx For Liberty Card, saving an average 28%, and up to 75% off regular prescriptions prices. Use at 58,000 pharmacies nationwide, including ALL major pharmacies, like CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, Costco, Winn Dixie, Publix, and many other smaller independent drug stores.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Rx For Liberty Card

  1. Do I have to be a Ron Paul supporter to use this card?

  2. What is the catch - how can you offer this?

  3. How do I get my discount?

  4. Is this card really free?

  5. Is my privacy protected?

  6. What pharmacies accept my card?

  7. How much will I save?

  8. Does this work with insurance?

  9. Can I share my card with anyone?

  10. Does this card really help me save on my pet's medications?

  11. How does this benefit the cause of Liberty?

  12. Can I get bulk cards to hand out to my Meet-up group, or other organization?


  1. Do I have to be a Ron Paul supporter to use this card? No. This is still America, and you're still free to make your own choices (for the time being) to support anyone you want, or no one at all. The Rx For Liberty Card was created to help struggling Americans save in one area of their budget - prescription drugs. We're 100% certain you can use that money someplace else - food, gas, mortgage, etc. We'd even suggest contributing some of your Rx savings to support the cause of Liberty.

Look around you. America is crumbling. Republicans, Democrats, it matters not. They've all been in control and have steered the ship to where we're at. We implore you to spend time on our Liberty Links & Videos page to learn more about Dr. Paul, and why he's the only one who can steer our nation through these treacherous waters. Remember, every talking head politician claiming that they have the solution for our nation at this time, never saw the "crisis" coming. Look back pre-2008 and the economy was not the main topic - the wars were. Ron Paul was the only one talking about the economy and what was coming...and they laughed at him. And now they all sound like Ron Paul, espousing his positions as if they were their own.Ron Paul, like him or not, has not changed his Constitutional position for 30 years, and that's clearly documented. Flip-flop, lies, deception, and secrecy define the operating system of most politicians.  It's clear to see that integrity, honesty, and consistency are in short supply in Washington. (back to top)

  1. What is the catch - how can you offer this?  There's no catch. The discounts you receive with your Rx For Liberty Card come directly from the pharmacy, who also pay a small marketing fee in exchange for the traffic that the Rx For Liberty Card drives through their doors. Even after giving you your discount and paying our fee, pharmacies still make a profit. It never costs you to use your FREE Rx For Liberty Card - it only saves you money. (back to top)

  2. How do I get my discount?  Simply present your Rx For Liberty Card to your pharmacy to get your discount. Pharmacies have our pre-negotiated discount prices loaded in their computer. Your pharmacy keeps your Rx For Liberty Card discount information on file for future discounts, but you should carry your Rx For Liberty Card with you if you visit another other location or different pharmacy chain. If your pharmacy is not familiar with the Rx For Liberty Card Program, have them call 1-855-228-7379. (back to top)

  3. Is this card really free?  Yes. Because of our size, we are able to negotiate better pricing on 54,000+ prescription drugs for our Cardholders. Pharmacies benefit from the extra traffic generated by the Rx For Liberty Card, reaching people who may not have otherwise come into their stores to get their prescriptions filled. We're paid a small fee by the pharmacies only if our card produces a savings for you. If you don't save money, we don't get paid! (back to top)

  4. Is my privacy protected?  Absolutely! We're dedicated to protecting your privacy, which is why we NEVER ask you for any personal information to get the Rx For Liberty Card. Medical care professionals, including pharmacies, must follow HIPAA privacy regulations as they pertain to your personal information. You can rest easy when you use your Rx For Liberty Card to save money on your prescription drugs, knowing that we can't sell or share that which we don't have. (back to top)

  5. What pharmacies accept my card?  Your Rx For Liberty Card is accepted at a network of over 58,000 drug stores including all major and regional chain pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kmart, Walmart, Target, Duane Reade, Safeway, Kroger, Meijer, Publix, Winn Dixie, as well as most smaller independent pharmacies - nearly every pharmacy nationwide. If your pharmacy does not accept the card, but would like to, please have them call our pharmacy help desk at 1-888-299-5383. (back to top)

  6. How much will I save?  The average Rx For Liberty Card discount is approximately 28%, but savings can be as much as 75%, depending on the drug you're getting. Your card provides discounts on both brand-name and generic drugs. The easiest way to find out how much your Rx For Liberty Card saves you is to take your card into your pharmacy and what your discounted price will be, before getting your prescription filled. (back to top)

  7. Does this work with insurance?  You can't use both the Rx For Liberty Card and your insurance at the same time. You can, however, use the card if your prescription plan doesn't cover a prescription that you need to take; if you have a deductible to meet; during a lapse in your coverage (e.g. donut hole); with a health savings account (HSA); or if you're getting a prescription filled for your pet. If your co-pay is higher than $10.00, it's worth it to present your Rx For Liberty Card because, in some cases, your discounted price may lower than your co-pay. (back to top)

  8. Can I share my card?  Yes, we encourage you to share both your card and your savings testimonies with others. On the back of every card is a QR Code that allows you to share the Rx For Liberty Card with smart phone users. When you see a smart phone, share your card!  Print as many free Rx For Liberty Cards as you want from this website to give away to others.  (back to top)

  9. Does this card really help me save on my pet's medications?  Yes. Many prescriptions that pets take can be filled at a regular pharmacy and are eligible for discounts with the Rx For Liberty Card. Please share a Rx For Liberty Card with your veterinarian, groomer, or kennel so they can pass the information on to their patients and customers. (back to top)

  10. How does this benefit the cause of Liberty? The Rx For Liberty Card saves you money that you wouldn't normally have. Since your card cost you nothing to get, we ask that you give some of your Rx savings to a support the cause of liberty, if you're financially able to. (back to top)

  11. Can I get bulk cards to hand out to my Meet-Up group, or other organization? Yes, bulk cards can be purchased at our costs here.  (back to top)

Please invest a portion of your prescription drug savings to help Restore American Now!

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