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Side A - The Prescription for America

Is there a doctor in the house?

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Dr. Ron Paul's Prescription for America.Every American should be asking the important question, "Why is America struggling today - isn't she the land of the free, the home of the brave, and the land of prosperity?" And they should be willing to set aside their pre-conceived notions to consider new information when it comes to the answers, because doing the same thing over and over is defined as insanity.

Congressman and medical doctor Ron Paul has been warning America for decades about the consequences of our government living outside the U.S. Constitution. Understand that he's not wired like a politician. He's honest. He's a problem solver. He's a physician. He's used to having to diagnose difficult problems. The Rx For Liberty is Ron Paul's prescription for America - six things that will help point America back in a better direction

1. (Really) Follow the Constitution - not just lip service.

2. (Really) Cut Spending and Reduce Debt. Balance the budget and bring foreign aid home to Restore America Now!

3. (Really) Support our Troops! The U.S. Military donates two times more money to Ron Paul's campaign than the entire Republican field combined, and more than Barack Obama. Our military supports Dr. Paul for a reason! Let's support the troops by supporting who they support for President in 2012. Let's bring them home and put them on our borders, for a change. Let them spend their military paychecks here on American soil to boost our economy!

4. Protect U.S.A.'s borders. Control illegal immigration by removing the free subsidies that illegal aliens receive from our government, like free or discounted education, health care, food stamps, and anchor baby citizenship, all things that attract them into our country. Restoring sound economic principles and a monetary system based on true production and savings will help our nation get back to a place where we actually can benefit from foreigners, legally entering our country to work.

5. Strengthen the Dollar. The fundamental source of America's many economic problems is the Federal Reserve's flawed policy of central economic planning and the monopolistic control over our nation's monetary system. Ron Paul advocates the creation of a competing U.S. currency backed by gold or silver - let Americans choose the currency they want to carry in their pockets. The solution to solving our nation's fiat currency problem is to allow the free market to control the supply of money, not the banksters of the privately-owned Federal Reserve bank. Get rid of the hidden "inflation tax" imposed on all Americans by reforming our monetary system.

6. Secure Social Security and Medicare. Ron Paul's assertion that these programs are un-Constitutional doesn't mean that he is for getting rid of them overnight. Dr. Paul does suggest that we divert the trillions of dollars going overseas in foreign aid and military expenses to fund Social Security and Medicare, while allowing younger people to opt out, if they want, into the future.

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We know you'll enjoy the savings you'll get when using your "FREE" Rx For Liberty Card. Having said the magic word "FREE", we'd like to take a moment to discuss an important principle we think is important for ALL Americans to understand:

There's no such thing as a "FREE".

Someone always pays a price!

And yes, someone is paying the price for you to get these Rx discounts too! Your prescription discounts are provided to you by the participating pharmacies that are in the discount network we use. They've agreed to offer discounts to our cardholders to get increased foot traffic and sales into their stores. They also pay out a small dispensing fee on top of the discount, that helps bring these discounts to your door. Please remember to say "Thank You" to your pharmacy when they give you your discount!

"The Rx For Liberty Card is a "free market" solution immediately lowering prescription drug prices for the American people."

There is no such thing as "FREE Lunch" from Washington either! Many Americans have been duped into believing that there is such a thing as a "FREE LUNCH" from our politicians. We must realize that anything that Washington wants to give us "FREE", must first be taken away from us. And they've done an excellent job, especially in the last 40 years, of proving that they are not capable of handling our money!


More About Ron Paul. Ron Paul, an OB doctor, delivered more than 4,000 babies after serving our country as a Captain and flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force.  He's also known as the "Champion of the Constitution", a title he's earned over the past thirty years in his 12 terms as a Republican Congressman in the U.S. Congress.

Ron Paul is the front-runner amongst the Republican nominees for president in 2012, re-elected to a his last term in Congress by a whopping 78% majority vote in his district in 2010. Ron Paul has been warning the American people for three decades about what would happen if we followed the reckless policies that have been laid down in Washington. Everything he predicted in the 2008 presidential election has come true - things that no other candidate had the vision to see, or to bring up.

Ron Paul is the father of U.S. Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky, who was elected to his first term in office, the first public office he's ever held, in 2010. Rand Paul, also a medical doctor (ophthalmologist), won by a large margin in the November, 2010 election. He defeated the current KY Secretary-of-State, Trey Grayson in the primary (even though Trey had been endorsed by the Republican status quo - Dick Cheney, Rudy Giuliani, Karl Rove, Sen. Mitch McConnell, to name a few), and then went on to defeat the sitting KY Attorney General, Jack Conway, in the general election. All while the mainstream media looked on, aghast, that the candidate that they said couldn't win, and wouldn't win, went on not only to win, but win by a landslide! Remember this, America, when they tell you "Ron Paul can't win".



"We, the People, are David's stones!"



Ron Paul is a modern-day David, the only 2012 presidential candidate that's stood firm against the business-as-usual Goliaths from BOTH parties over the past 30 years.  He's a man of integrity, honesty, intelligence, diplomacy, and vision. He's the Moses of Congress - "Let my people go!" He's the only presidential candidate in 2008 that accurately predicted the coming crash - something he's warned us about for decades.


Consider that if the others did not see that their leadership would cause these problems, why should we believe now, that their future leadership will help fix the very problems that they've brought on the American people?


We, the people, want a man who truly understands how we got here, and with the vision to Restore America Now! We want a man that respects the Constitution and the office of the President. We want a man who truly represents ALL AMERICANS and not just the lobbyists from corporations, Wall Street, bankers, and special interest groups.




Ron Paul: The Only One We Can Trust


Emergency Room of Reality

Americans are waking up to the fact that our nation is critically ill. It matters not which side of her "Washington brain" is in control - the "right-brained" Republicans or "left-brained" Democrats.

What matters is that she is getting sicker and weaker by the minute, and is in dire need of an honest and accurate diagnosis and treatment, to survive.

If we can't agree on the problems, we'll never agree on the solutions, and America will die on the gurney in the E.R. of Reality. And when she does die, we're all going with her, regardless of political affiliation, race, religion, or socio-economic background.

In Triage

In the E.R., triage is the process of determining the priority of the patients' treatments based on the severity of their condition. Triage must first identify life-threatening injuries and conditions, so patients can be stabilized for secondary treatment later on. Without an objective triage assessment, it is impossible to expect a positive outcome for the patient.

Become a fly-on-the-wall as America, land of the free, home of the brave, is wheeled into triage. Remember, flies don't have political ideologies or "party" preferences. Open that "fly-brain" and those all-seeing compound "fly eyes" of yours, and  consider some observations made.

  1. Constitutional Alzheimer's  The U.S. Constitution is still the supreme law of our land - the fact that it's not followed by most of our elected officials does not change that. Our politicians, judiciary, military, and law enforcement officers swear an oath to defend the Constitution against enemies, both foreign and domestic. Yet the majority of the ills facing our nation today, whether they be financial, international, or civil, emanate directly from our elected officials not following that document.  Even more alarming is the American people's ignorance, complacency, tolerance, and in many cases, open arms, welcoming this deviation from the supreme law of the land by those sworn to uphold it.

Thomas Jefferson said that

"the government that governs

least, governs the best."

Our Constitution still defines what powers our federal government should, and should not have. In America's old age, her collective consciousness (we the people) have forgotten the foundations our great nation sprang from. And if the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

  1. Leeches Amungus  In centuries past, it was thought that the application of leeches to a patient would help restore their health. George Washington's precipitous death can be attributed to this flawed thinking. Thankfully, medicine has advanced to a point where leeches have been relegated to their proper place in the swamps and rivers where they came from.

In 1913, America was duped by the prosperity-sucking leeches behind the centralized banking cartel of the Federal Reserve Bank. These banksters seized control of both her money supply, and monetary system, ending the "free market" system that had fueled American growth and prosperity up to that point.

This event, the creation of the Fed, was an act of financial terrorism, the single most dangerous affront to the health of our freedoms and liberties that America has ever faced - bar none.

Americans have chosen to overlook the Federal Reserve as the chief source of traumatic injury and disease in our nation, and at our peril. Much like the leeches in Washington's time, these blood suckers have sucked the American people to the point where we can take it no more. We believe the Federal Reserve System should be relegated back to its proper place from whence it sprang from - the Rothschild septic tank.

Hats off to Congressman Ron Paul for his decades of diligence and his lone efforts in Congress to expose the secrets of the Fed. He's the very reason why we are openly discussing the Federal Reserve System in politics today. Throughout his career, Dr. Paul has worked to expose the Fed for what it is. And during his 2008 Presidential campaign, he successfully pried open Pandora's box to shed light on the "holy grail" of Washington, exposing the Fed's part in the creation of the boom-bust business cycles.

  1. Media Dis-Informentia  America suffers from a form of dementia brought on by continual exposure to a status-quo, agenda-filled, controlled mainstream media, purposefully manipulating the world view of the American people with lies and dis-information - like "Ron Paul can't win".

    "Drive-by" talking heads, from both sides, use every opportunity to create division - quick to point out that there's no common ground amongst the American people -  only left or right, liberal or conservative, secular or Christian, Democrat or Republican.

    Anyone paying attention today recognizes the main stream media's collective attempt to marginalize any candidate not "anointed" by them and their "polls". The main stream media has somehow come to think that it's their job to choose who the "first-tier" candidates are, who's entitled to get all their attention, and ultimately, who wins our nation's elections.

    The American people are getting wise to what's happening, and the lame-stream media is scrambling to try and redeem the tiny shred of credibility they have left, a shred so small that they, themselves, have earned the label "fringe" and are no longer "main-stream" in a growing number of Americans' minds.

  2. A.I.D.S. - Americans in Discord Syndrome. Rather than uniting together under the common cause of freedom and liberty, as outlined in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, many Americans have chosen to feed at the trough of divisive media rhetoric, failing to recognize that a house divided against itself will not stand.

    Abraham Lincoln said, America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. 

We, the people, need to stop choking each other as the robbers and thieves in Washington make off with our country, right under our very noses. It's not about TEA - it's about WE! It's high time that we pause long enough to look around us, and realize that none of us are "gettin' out of here alive!" We'd better all start warming up to the truth and start watching one another's back.

Part of The Treatment

1. Elect leaders who truly follow the Constitution and vote those out immediately that don't (e.g. everyone that supports the Patriot Act, voted for bailouts, voted to raise debt ceiling).

2. Balance the budget - cut every area of government across the board. Eliminate un-Constitutional departments and mandates.

3. Allow Americans the choice of their currency - the "fiat" counterfeit money of the Federal Reserve, or a Constitutional currency backed by silver or gold.

4. Insure the freedom of the internet to serve as the counter-balance of the people against corporately controlled media that is not looking out for the good of the American people.

5. Rise above petty and divisive party politics, and stake our claim on the common ground that brought our Founding Fathers together at the beginning of our nation.

We hope that you'll ponder seriously the future of our nation...for yourself, your children, your grand-kids, and for all the men and women who've paid the ultimate sacrifice, of defending our freedom here at home, with their lives and limbs.

We did not get here overnight, and there are no "silver-bullet solutions". We believe America just needs some "good, ole-fashioned country doctorin" and we believe the doctor to call on is Ron Paul!

Both political parties have had their say for the last 100 years, and we are in deep trouble. It's time for us to put principle above party and elect the man who had the intelligence to see this coming, and the vision to do what's needed to help us get back on track.

The most important thing for you to do today...

If you're already a registered Republican, vote for Ron Paul in your state primary. Spread the message about the man that the status quo politicians and the mainstream media refuse to talk about or acknowledge.

If you're a Democrat, register as a Republican today so that you can vote for Ron Paul in your state primary. In the general election you can still vote for who ever you want if Ron Paul doesn't get the GOP nomination. Remember, President Obama has not brought any change.

Please invest a portion of your prescription drug savings to help Restore American Now!

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