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  • Even if you have prescription insurance you should still carry the Rx For Liberty Card. Why? For starters, it provides discounts on drugs not covered by your prescription plan. You can use the card with your Health Savings Account (HSA), during a gap or lapse in prescription coverage, while working to meet a deductible, or to share with others in need. You can even use it to get discounts on pet medications purchased from your local pharmacy.

  • Print extra Rx For Liberty Cards for others - Family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, your doctor, veterinarian, hair stylist, church members - anyone and everyone you can think of.

  • Please remember to thank your pharmacist for giving you your discount.

  • Keep in mind that this card DOES NOT provide discounts on already-discounted drug price lists found at most major pharmacies (like Walmart's $4 & $10 Medication Price List).

  • If you have questions, please visit our FAQ at, contact us by email at care(at), or call Cardholder Service, toll-free, at 1-855-228-7379.

  • This is NOT Insurance.

  • Donate some of your Rx savings to at, or Ron Paul Revolution Super PAC.

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